From Private Jets to Hypercars, Ameerh Naran is a global entrepreneur and CEO of Private Jet brokerage, Vimana Private Jets and automotive manufacturer, Naran Automotive.

Nurtured into business from the young age of four when he began trading child - friendly commodities on the playground, Naran grew his business beginnings as a young teenager when his parents introduced him into the various family companies, including Conte Shoes, Zimbabwe’s largest independent shoe manufacturer at the time.

Combining his interest in travel and business, Ameerh entered into the aviation sector with Blue Star Jets at 23 with zero industry experience, where he grew experience and harvested his knowledge, later leading to the founding of Vimana Private Jets. Vimana today is one of the industry’s most sought after private jet services in the world, with access to over 5,000 aircraft worldwide, a client base of UHNW’s, politicians, heads of state, royals and corporations, going from strength to strength over the years.

Following his studies of Product & Automotive Design at university and training at Silverstone Motorsport Academy, 2021 will see Naran pursuing his longstanding boyhood dream in launching the world’s next greatest and most iconic Hypercar, a creation that embodies ‘Brutal yet Beautiful’, launching February 2021.